Friendly Links

Below are some links to contacts where I have purchased items or gotten ideas on how to build my observatory.


Velimir Popov the astronomer and developer of this site provided me with the drawings and information necessary to make the adapter plate for securing my CGE Electronics pier to the permanent concrete pier of my observatory. He has a very professional web site and great equipment.



This web site provided me with information necessary to purchase my dome. There is allot of good information here for the installation of the dome.

3) Stellar Vision & Astronomy Science Store

Stellar Vision is where I made the actual purchase of my Explora-Dome. They were very friendly and kept me informed on the status of my dome.


Starizona is a very comprehensive site for purchasing astronomy equipment. It was here that I purchased my Feather Touch MicroFocuser.

5) Astronomy in Utah

This web site is a forum that talks about Astronomy in Utah. Check it out.

6) Astro-Hutech

This site has Equipment for the Serious Amateur Astronomer. It was her that I purchased my Filter Box and Pollution Suppression Filter.

7) Spencers Camera and Photos

This site is the place to go when researching DSLR modifications for Astrophotography.

8) Top 50 Amateur Astronomy Sites Check out the Top 50 Amateur Astronomy sites!  

9) Icy Science Magazine & News

This site is an excellent online magizine dealing with Astronomy and Science.

10) Home Science: Backyard Astronomy Basics

This is a great site for the basics of Astronomy






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